Instructions to Author

Instructions to Author

Frequency of Publication

Monthly (12 Issues per Year)

International Journal of Research Methodology ( is an open-access, peer-reviewed international journal published monthly.
The Journal looks forward to incorporate a wide range of manuscript types as follows. In each issue and in so doing, attract contributions from the researchers.

  • Original Papers/ Research articles
  • Reviews/ Review articles/ Mini-Reviews
  • Short Communication
  • Notes
  • Special articles


No. Type Definition
1. Original Papers/ Research articles Article of original research carried out by the author(s)
2. Reviews/ Review articles/ Mini-Reviews Significant review of research literature
3. Short communication Brief research communication/news/views/ article
4. Notes Original research communication in discussion or commentary form
5. Special articles Invited article, memorial lecture/working paper/
special paper/expert views/comments

Manuscript Format

All manuscripts should be in MS WORD.

  • Language: English
  • Space: Single Space
  • Paper Size: A4 (8.5″X11″)
  • Margins: 1 Inch (All sides)

Manuscript Organization

It should be arranged in the following order:

Contents Text
Sequence Font Type Font Size Pattern
1 Title Times New Roman 14 Bold
2 Author’s Name Times New Roman 12 Normal
3 Affiliation Times New Roman 10 Normal
4 Abstract Times New Roman 12 Normal
5 Keywords Times New Roman 12 Normal
6 Introduction Times New Roman 12 Normal
7 Materials and Methods Times New Roman 12 Normal
8 Result Times New Roman 12 Normal
9 Discussion Times New Roman 12 Normal
10 Conclusion Times New Roman 12 Normal
11 Acknowledgement Times New Roman 12 Normal
12 Reference Arabic numerals 12 Normal
Headings Times New Roman 12 Bold
Subheadings Times New Roman 12 Bold
Body Text Times New Roman 12 Normal

The title should be brief, comprehensive and descriptive.

Each author must provide their full name including their first name and surname followed by their address. The Corresponding Author of the manuscript must be mentioned in the star mark in superscript and should mention the author’s affiliation. In addition, the corresponding author must include telephone, fax and E-mail addresses at the bottom left corner of the title page.
The Abstract Should start on a new page after the title page to distinguish it from the Introduction. Abstracts should briefly reflect all aspects of the study. The abstract should not exceed 250 words. Review Articles, Research papers and Short Communications should also have an Abstract.

Should start on a new page after the title page to distinguish it from the Introduction. Abstracts should briefly reflect all aspects of the study. The abstract should not exceed 250 words. Review Articles, Research papers and Short Communications should also have an Abstract.

Below the abstract, mention 4-6 keywords suitable for indexing. These terms will be at the end of the abstract. If possible, keywords should be selected from Index Medicus or Excerpta Medica Index.

It should start on a new page and clearly indicate the Aim, Review of Literature and Objective of the research.

Materials & Methods
This section should describe the materials and methods used in the study such as year, site and other relevant details. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen should be stated. Include particulars of ethical approval in this segment (if any).

Result & Discussion
The section should focus on the accomplishment of objectives as mentioned in the introduction part. It should contain a critical review of the results of the study.

This section should contain only significant outcomes of the research.

All acknowledgements should be typed in one paragraph prior to the reference section (All persons who have made significant contributions to the research work should be included in the Acknowledgment).

The Vancouver Style is the citation style used by scientific journals. It came out of a meeting of medical journal editors in 1978, held in Vancouver, BC, and is maintained by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Author Surname Initials. Title: subtitle. Edition (if not the first). Place of publication: Publisher: Year.
Rang HP, Dale MM, Ritter JM, Moore PK. Pharmacology. 5th ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone; 2003.

Author Surname Initials. Title of article. Title of journal, abbreviated. Date of Publication: Volume Number(Issue Number): Page Numbers.
John JC. ACE inhibitors and NSAIDs. Med J Euro. 2010;777:181€“195.

Author Surname Initials (if available). Title of Website [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of First Publication [Date of last update; cited date]. Available from: URL
George Samsung, Rosy Chris. HIV. MediNet. 1/15/2004.
Available from: http://www. article.htm

If the author is not known:
Title of page. Title of site. Last update or copyright date. URL (Access date).

Figures, Images and Tables
Figures, images and tables must be placed at the appropriate place in the manuscript.

Submission of Manuscript
All manuscripts should be submitted by online submission system or e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected] as an attachment.

Publication Fees
There is no charge for the processing of papers but author(s) of each accepted paper is required to pay a publication charge as mentioned below.

Indian authors: Rs. 1550/-

International authors: $70


Name Mr. A. A. Khade
Bank Name State Bank of India
Branch Malkapur
Branch Code 013750
Account No. 20210503096
IFSC Code SBIN0013750

Author’s Statements

It represents that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Ethical matter
Authors publishing results from the studies involving animals or humans must seek approval from the applicable ethics committees.

Please fill up the copyright form and send to [email protected]

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